Over 100 Pre-made FP Fusions 2/3/2014


So Many FP Fusions


Here at Allele, we are very proud of the fluorescent proteins we offer. They are bright, truly monomeric, cutting edge proteins that will advance your research by enabling the latest superresolution imaging methods and allowing for CoIP with highly specific nano-antibodies. Another key aspect about our catalog of fluorescent proteins (which we don't mention nearly enough!) is the fact that we have a large variety of pre-made fusions.

For each of our proteins we carry basic bacterial expression plasmids as well as mammalian fusion vectors with cloning sites at the N or C terminal. However, when it comes to designing a fusion vector for a particular organelle, often times you need to go through optimization steps. To save you time for mWasabi and mTFP1 we offer over 20 premade fusion vectors. Click here for the respective lists (mWasabi, mTFP1)

For mNeonGreen we have a list of over 60 fusions that you can view here. With an advanced or department /site license for mNeonGreen you receive access to all of these fusions. We also now offer mNeonGreen-nAb for CoIP making mNeonGreen an ideal tag for immunoprecipitation.

For more information about our fluorescent proteins, pre-made fusion vectors, or anything else please contact us at (800)-991-7624, or email info@allelebiotech.com.