Non Integrating iPSC Generation

NextGen mRNA Based iPSC Derivation

There are three options for harnessing our NextGen mRNA based iPSC reprogramming and differentiation technology, 6F mRNA premix, iPSC generation custom services, and IVT templates for generating synthetic mRNA.

mRNA Premix

iPSC Derivation Service

IVT Templates

6F mRNA Reprogramming Premix contains all the factors necessary for accelerated iPSC reprogramming in one convenient mix.   The mix is funtionally validated and ready for use in your reprogramming experiments.  One vial of premix is sufficient to conduct feeder-free reprogramming on eight wells in a 6-well plate format.  Our next-gen mRNA technology allows for highly efficient iPSC generation in less time then any other current methods.

Custom iPSC generation services are an excellent option for deriving pluripotent cell lines.  Each project is tailored to fit your needs.  We start with your target cell line and generate iPSCs using our own next-gen mRNA platform. Once colonies are obtained you choose your deliverables and the desired validation.

In vitro trancription (IVT) templates are ready-to-use linear DNA templates for making synthetic mRNA. We currently offer IVT templates for iPSC generation and neural differentiation, and offer new template construction as a custom service.  We also offer a 2.5x nucleotide mix that is ready to use in your template in vitro transcription reactions.

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