Helper Phage and VHH Antibody Development


Allele Biotechnology would like to bring to your attention our M13K07 Helper Phage. The Helper Phage is able to replicate in the absence of phagemid DNA, and with the phagemid bearing a wild-type M13 or f1 origin present, single-stranded phagemid will be packaged and secreted into the culture medium allowing for ease of production of single-stranded phagemid DNA for mutagenesis and/or sequencing. The helper phage is available in both a 2ml and 5ml quantity with an estimated titer at ≥1 x 10^11 with each batch undergoing quality control tests to ensure functionality and viability.


We would also like to introduce you to our custom camelid antibody development service which will be using the same helper phage for phage display used during the project. Here at Allele, we are dedicated to making a fully integrated custom service available to researchers so that you can now feel confident in passing along tedious antibody projects to us. Our custom service is outlined in several steps: from Lama antibody development (securing the animal and injecting it), all the way to production of the desired quantity of antibody; with the ability for you to select what steps you would like to be included or omitted.

More information for this service can be found on the service page and if you have any questions or would like to discuss the service further, please contact us at or give us a call at 800-991-7642.