4 New nAbs, TNFa-nAb, p16-nAb, bFGF-nAb, and VEGF-nAb - 8/26/2015


Check out our newest nAbs!

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We are proud to announce the latest additions to the nAb line of products, TNFa-nAb, VEGF-nAb, p16-nAb, and bFGF-nAb. These new nano-antibodies come in two formats, as purified protein or biotinylated with a streptavidin conjugate of your choice. They have been extensively tested and validated for various biological assays including immunohistochemical analysis (IHC).

Each of these nAbs is supplied in 25 microgram aliquots. The molar concentration of 1 microgram of a nano-antibody is equivalent to 10 micrograms of a traditional antibody. So you can safely use one fifth (1/5) the amount of nAb as you would a conventional antibody.

TNFa-nAb - binds tumor necrosis factor alpha, a cell signaling protein involved in immune cell regulation.

VEGF-nAb - binds vascular endothelial growth factor, a cell signaling protein that promotes vasculogenesis and angiogenesis.

p16-nAb - Binds p16, a cyclin dependent kinase inhibitor that decelerates cell cycle progression.

bFGF-nAb - Binds basic fibroblast growth factor, a protein that promotes angiogenesis and cell proliferation, and is also used to maintain undifferentiated stem cells.

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